Sustainability results and objectives

2011 registered important progress in all areas of responsibility. According to the order listed in the table, the following results are highlighted corresponding to the objectives delineated for 2011 and included in the previous Sustainability Report.

  • The scheduled survey on the reputation was postponed owing to the need of re-focusing the group of monitoring tools of the stakeholder opinions.
  • The Sustainability section of the website was significantly modified based on the need for improving organization of contents, expanding the reference documents and above all, for providing an easier and more dynamic subject structure with pages whose central, more concise texts are accompanied on the right by links to documents, videos and references to other pages of the website. The experts viewed these changes favorably: Terna’s Sustainability Section ranked fifth among the first 50 companies listed in the special Lundquist ranking, representing the expectations of the web users regarding sustainability information.
  • The central responsibility for the electricity service was confirmed by the excellent result obtained with respect to the targets set by the AEEG for 2011; greater revenues were consequently obtained (see the paragraph “Revenue Structure and Regulatory Framework”).
  • Developing non-regulated activities was successfully concluded in October 2011 with the sale of the second group of photovoltaic plants that was carried out in only a few months (see box “Terna’s second photovoltaic project”) with positive consequences on the Company’s revenues and profits.
  • In the environmental field, action plans and targets for controlling SF6 leakage are still being re-examined; even if equipment with recurring leakage has been identified, installing high-performance equipment continued and the percentage of the leakage on the total of gas installed registered the lowest amount of the past years. Research continues for comparative data for developing a benchmark and some of the first results are included in this Report.
  • Guidelines were defined for constructing Terna’s office buildings according to the best energy efficiency practices. The Guidelines will represent input for adopting energy saving technology and solutions in the future construction of Terna’s offices.
  • Reforestation was increasingly used for offsetting CO2 emissions connected to the production of various Terna publications; moreover, offsetting emissions was a contract requirement in the bid for purchasing batches for renewing the corporate vehicle fleet.
  • All mitigation and improvement measures regarding usability in the three Oases identified in the WWF-Terna agreement were completed and officially presented.
  • Applying the GPS performance management system was extended to include more employees with respect to 2010, as part of a project for gradually including a growing number of professional areas within the official performance evaluation process, fundamental for development and meritocracy-based management.
  • 2011 registered intensive activity also regarding the tools for allocating and controlling solidarity and charity expenses that also led to defining regulations for freely selling corporate goods and for improving management of external requests on the part of non-profit organizations.
  • Regulations for employee volunteering are currently being developed. In addition to the above-mentioned initiatives with the WWF, in 2011, an important collaboration agreement was signed with Legambiente, along with the ones already signed in the previous years with the WWF and with Lipu.

Objectives for 2012 represent further steps along the directions already taken: the following table provides a summary.

These objectives include:

  • revising ethical, environmental and social responsibility supervision with respect to the re-organization of the Group and its strategic objectives, particularly:
    • adopting the Code of Ethics and the 231 Model on the part of the new companies of the Group;
  • revising, updating and, if necessary, strengthening this supervision along the supply chain;
    • preventive analysis of environmental impact connected to business expansion (new operating activities);
  • actively participating in the Pilot Programme of the International Integrated Reporting Council, by studying and implementing a greater integration of financial and sustainability information both in the Report on Management and in the website;
  • continuing activities for planning a management system based on energy efficiency, in line with the ISO 50001 criteria;
  • defining an action plan with practical initiatives to be implemented in the principal areas for improvement indicated by the organizational satisfaction survey conducted in 2011.
Area of responsibility 2011 objectives 2011 results
2012 objectives
GOVERNANCE AND GENERAL ASPECTS Conducting survey on Terna’s
Initiative postponedAdopting the Code of Ethics
and Model 231 by the Group’s
new Companies
Revising the website’s sustainability
New website’s sustainability
section created
Revising and updating supervision
of responsibilities (environment,
human rights, prevention
of corruption) in the supply chain
2010 Sustainability Report online
within mid-June
2010 Sustainability Report
online July 5th
Integrated Reporting: participation
in the Pilot Programme
of the International Integrated
Reporting Council
RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ELECTRICITY SERVICERespecting the continuity indicator targetsRespecting the continuity
indicators targets
Respecting the continuity
indicators targets
Progress of the Safety PlanProgress of the Safety Plan
Progress of the Safety Plan
Positive result of AEEG incentives

Positive result of AEEG incentives

Positive result of AEEG incentives
Corporate Profitability (1)
Corporate Profitability
Implementing grid development
Implementing grid development
investments (1)
Implementing grid development
Developing non-regulated activities
(photovoltaic energy)
Second group of photovoltaic
assets completed
Developing non-traditional activities
ENVIROMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY Revising action plans on SF6 leakage
Initiative in progress
Revising action plans
on SF6 leakage
Defining an energy efficiency plan for Terna’s buildingsGuidelines implementedDefining a management system
for energy efficiency in compliance
with ISO 50001 criteria
Increasing offsetting of CO2 emissionsIncrease implemented

Completing measures in the Oases included in the agreement with the WWFMeasures completed and officially
Initiating environmental impact
analyses of new business
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Expanding the plan for the
performance assessment system
Increasing the number of personnel
Defining and implementing action
plans in response to the results
of the 2011 organizational
satisfaction survey
Defining rules for volunteering of employees and for donations of corporate propertyRules defined for donations
of corporate property
Defining rules for employee
Partnership initiatives with
non-profit organizations
Agreement signed with
Partnership initiatives with
non-profit organizations



Objectives achieved
Partly achieved
Postponed or suspended

(1) The result achieved corresponds to a performance in line with the objectives approved by the Board of Directors for the Strategic Plan presented annually to financial analysts.