Sustainability Indexes

The ongoing improvement of its ESG performances (Environmental, Social, Governance) allowed Terna to constantly increase its sustainability ratings, to being included in the main international sustainability indexes, and to being recognized by socially responsible investors.

Index Year included Characteristics of the indexes

- Global
- Europe                             

2005 FTSE indexes include the best companies in terms of sustainability performance on the basis of the analyses of the EIRIS agency.
- Ethical
2006 Axia indexes select the best practices regarding sustainability among the companies with greater capitalization in the Eurostoxx50 (Ethical) and Eurostoxx60 (CSR).
- Ethical Global
- Ethical Euro
- Ethical EMU
2007 These indexes were designed to be used by customers for investment analysis, benchmarking, and performance assessment based on the analyses by the ECPI agency.
- Global Sustainability
- Europe Sustainability
2007 These indexes continue the KLD Indexes, which were among the first to trace the non-financial performances of companies and still represent one of the most highly regarded references in the United States.
ASPI Eurozone 2009 Among the 600 European companies with greater capitalization, this index selects the 120 leaders in terms of sustainability according to the Vigeo rating agency.
- Excellence
- Sustainability (ESI) Europe
2009 These indexes are developed on the basis of the ratings provided by the Vigeo agency. Inclusion is subject to the positive opinion of the Ethibel Forum, a panel of independent experts in the different aspects of sustainability.
Dow Jones Sustainability
- World
- Europe
DJS indexes select the companies with the best sustainability performances among those with greater capitalization (for the World Index the first 2,500 companies in the world and for the Europe Index the first 600 European companies) on the basis of the rankings of the SAM agency - Sustainable Asset Management.
- Italia SRI Benchmark - Italia SRI Leaders
2010 Introduced in 2010, these are the only sustainability indexes that include only companies listed on Borsa Italiana, the Italian stock exchange, based on the analyses of the ECPI firm.
- Global ESG Leaders Index
- Global Environmental Leaders
- Global Social Leaders
- Global Governance Leaders

Launched in 2011, these indexes are developed on the basis of evaluations made by the rating agency Sustainalytics and select the 300 best shares for ESG performance among the 1,800 present in the STOXX Global index.

To be included in the Global ESG Leaders Index it is necessary to be present in at least one of the 3 specialized indexes (Global Environmental Leaders, Global Social Leaders and Global Governance Leaders). Terna is the only Italian utility included in all three.