Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics was approved by the Board of Directors on December 21, 2006. The result of internal reflection that involved the top and first-line management, it is the highest reference for identifying the sustainability issues that are significant for Terna and establishing internal policies and guidelines. It is a concrete guide in making everyday decisions and aligning them with the objective of creating and consolidating a relationship with stakeholders based on trust.

The Code is divided into five sections, which describe:

  • general ethical principles (legality, honesty and responsibility) and those particularly significant for Terna’s business (good management, respect, fairness and transparency);
  • the conduct required, specifically from employees, with regard to the general issues of loyalty to the Company, conflicts of interest, and the safeguard of corporate assets;
  • the main guidelines on conduct in relations with stakeholders;
  • Terna’s commitments to ensuring compliance with the Code;
  • the rules for implementing the Code and the persons responsible.

One of the commitments expressed in the Code is to provide evidence, in the Sustainability Report, of the implementation of the Company’s environmental and social policy, as well as of consistency between objectives and the results achieved.
The Code of Ethics is available in Terna’s website, under Corporate Governance, in the “Investor Relations” section.