Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility

IIRC – The International Integrated Reporting Council – Pilot Programme

Terna joined the bi-annual Pilot Programme created by the IIRC, the international organization involved in researching and experimenting a framework for integrating financial, environmental, social and governance information. 61 leading global companies are part of this program of which 4 are Italian, in addition to Terna. 


Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (Sustainable Development Foundation)

In 2011, Terna joined the Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile, whose activity mainly consists in analyzing – from both a cultural and technical point of view –sustainable development themes through research, seminars and meetings. During 2011, Terna actively participated in the Fondazione’s initiatives.


LBG The London Benchmarking Group – Corporate Citizenship

After having joined LBG – The London Benchmarking Group, the British organization which groups over 120 companies around the issue of measuring the contributions and impacts of Corporate Community Investment, Terna adapted the monitoring tools established by the LBG methods to the Italian context and to its specific aspects for a more timely measuring of the output of its initiatives in the community.



Terna is one of the companies that, in 2008, created the Foundation for the Development of Entrepreneurship. The Foundation continues the commitment undertaken by the Sodalitas Association for the dissemination of social responsibility and the promotion of dialogue between the business and the non-profit world. The Foundation presently counts on the contribution of 82 supporting companies, which generate an economic value equal to 25% of Italy’s GDP, and on 80 volunteer managers.

Together with other 22 companies belonging to the Foundation, in 2011, Terna was among the promoters of the first “Sodalitas Social Innovation”, the program created for aiding non-profit organizations in defining quality social business plans capable of attracting the interest of companies for creating new partnerships.

202 non-profit organizations participated in this first edition, presenting 231 projects whose evaluation was assigned to Commissions formed by representatives from the Sodalitas Foundation, the Istituto Italiano della Donazione (Italian Institute for Donation), companies and authorities. Terna participated in the Commission that examined the international projects for the area “Youth and Territory” and in the final Jury that selected and awarded the best 13 projects.

Terna also participates in the Corporate Volunteering Laboratory promoted, in addition to the Sodalitas Foundation, also by Ciessevi and by SDA Bocconi.


CSR Manager Network Italia

Through the professional contribution of its own managers, Terna supports the activity of the CSR Manager Network Italia, the reference point for professionals, consultants, and university researchers whose work regards sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

The Network offers its members the possibility of comparing their experiences, identifying elements of innovation, learning about the best practices in Italy and abroad, having at their disposal an organization that represents them vis-a-vis public authorities, associations and non-profit organizations, that can participate in discussions at the national and international levels.

During 2011, Terna participated in the joint CSR Manager Network-ISTAT project aimed at establishing a connection between GRI indicators, national statistics and international projects for assessing the collective well-being.


Anima per il sociale nei valori dell’impresa

In 2010 Terna joined Anima per il sociale nei valori d’impresa, (“Soul for society in business values”), a non-profit association founded in 2001 and promoted by the Unione degli industriali e delle imprese di Roma – Rome association of enterprises – which groups managers and companies wishing to disseminate in their community a new entrepreneurial culture that is able to combine profit with the creation of welfare for the community.

In the year of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, Terna has supported the “Premio Anima – Per la crescita di una coscienza etica” (Anima Prize – For developing an ethical conscience”), the association’s initiative that enhances the contribution made by representatives from the art and cultural worlds towards developing an ethical conscience and creates an awareness among companies and the public opinion on social responsibility and sustainability issues.


ABI’s VI CSR Forum (Rome, January 20-21, 2011)

Terna supported the sixth edition of the CSR Forum promoted by ABI - Associazione Bancaria Italiana, in collaboration with the Forum per la Finanza Sostenibile and the CSR Manager Network, focused on the theme “Sustainability and corporate core business: integration that gives value”.

Terna also organized with Etica Sgr, a saving management company that exclusively promotes socially responsible common investment funds, a co-building session on active shareholding.


Other activities

The dissemination of the culture of sustainability and the promotion of its own experiences were the objective of many of Terna’s external events, including teaching in Degree Programs on CSR, promoted by the KPMG company, at the Università Europea Roma (Rome, January 2011), the report on sustainability indicators at the conference “Measuring organizational performance” created by the magazine “Sviluppo e Organizzazione” (Rome, March 2011), the two experiences regarding the partnership between Terna and COOPI during management training courses at Siemens and participation in the conference on donating responsibly promoted by the Istituto Italiano della Donazione (Rome, May 2011).

Also in 2011, Terna supported the activities of the Centro Studi “Politeia” for research and education in politics and ethics participating in the 7th CSR Forum held in May.