Local communities

In the medium and long term, the creation of value for shareholders and the quality of the electricityservice are linked to developing the grid and interconnection relations with other countries.

As far as the grid is concerned, the following aspects are crucial:

  • acceleration of authorization processes: in Italy, obtaining authorization for new power lines may take four times longer than actually building the line, with significant consequences of a financial nature, as well as on the efficiency of the NTG. Terna has chosen the path of dialogue and early discussion with local authorities believing that the identification of shared solutions that respect communities may facilitate the issue of authorizations, also thanks to the trust generated over time by the consistency of the Company’s conduct. In the next few years, therefore, it will be important to optimize the process to make it more effective - with regard to relations with local authorities - and more efficient;
  • acceptance by local communities: in addition torelations with authorities, increasing the level of acceptance of electricity infrastructures by the communities involved is an extremely important objective, as can also be seen in the disputes described in the present Report. Terna is presently identifying the most effective ways to present its development projects. With regard to these objectives, an important role is played by communication and the involvement of associations representing society at the local level, in addition to the authorities.