Relations with institutions


SO5The nature of Terna’s business makes it necessary for it to engage in a continual dialogue with government at both the national and local level and with local communities, as well as to listen to the requests and needs expressed by institutions and the public at large, which also leads the Company to participate in hearings, meetings, conferences, and forums with institutions and stakeholders. In addition, the Company constantly monitors both national and local legislative activity.

To combine the need for expediting authorizing and implementing electricity infrastructures with the need for maximum protection of archaeological and cultural heritage, on April 28, 2011, Terna stipulated with the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities (MIBAC) a Memorandum that establishes the obligation, during the planning phase, of preliminary archaeological surveys after which the Superintendents and archaeological authorities can request further analyses prior to beginning work.

During 2011, on several occasions, the company was heard by the Parliament.

  • On January 19, Terna was invited by the Senate’s Industrial Commission to take part in the hearing for examining Legislative Decree 28/11 implementing Directive 2009/28/CE for promoting the use of energy from renewables. During the hearing, Terna underlined the need for more rigorously complying with the rules that establish a single Authorization for the plant and the connection works so that the energy produced can be injected into the grid with consequent advantages for both consumers and the environment.
  • On April 27, Terna was heard at the Environmental Commission of the Chamber of Deputies during the preliminary survey on “Environmental policies regarding energy production from renewables”. On this occasion it provided various data on the growth of the renewable sector and underlined the importance of properly applying the existing provisions for contrasting any type of speculation. The survey highlighted Terna’s commitment in building new power lines and stations for exploiting as best as possible the energy produced from the plants supplied by renewables.
  • On October 18, Terna was heard by the Senate’s Industrial Commission during the preliminary survey on the National Energy Strategy. On this occasion, the Company illustrated its projects for adapting the grid to the needs deriving from the growth of renewables whose installed power has tripled in two years and is expected to continue to increase in the next ten years. To safely manage the energy produced by intermittent sources, in implementing Legislative Decree 28/11, Terna integrated the 2011 Development Plan including the building of energy storage systems capable of significantly increase the quantity of renewable energy absorbed by the electricity grid and at the same time improve the electricity system’s safety. 

During the year, Terna’s top management met with the institutional world to discuss issues that are particularly important for the Company, such as the investments included in the Development Plan for the electricity grid. Even on these occasions, criticalities for the electricity system’s safety were underlined owing to the increased energy produced from intermittent sources as well as the possible solutions, such as developing new technology and installing energy storage systems allowing to safely exploit green energy for the electricity system.