Child and family care


LA15The Italian law regulates maternity leave and family leave establishing a general coverage compared to which Terna’s conditions are even more favorable, applying both the CCNL (Contratto Collettivo Nazionale di Lavoro - Collective Bargaining Contract) for the sector as well as corporate agreements. The most important measures include:

  • 5 months of paid maternity leave, recognized to the mother and distributed before and after giving birth. Terna guarantees 100% integration of the remuneration compared to 80% established by the law;
  • 6 months of additional maternity leave with a 30% remuneration. Terna integrates 45% and 40% respectively for the first and second month of leave time. Leave time can also be taken by the father, within a maximum of 10 months for the total leave of both parents. If not taken during the child’s first years, the leave time can also be taken subsequently, up to the age of 8, but will not be paid;
  • non-remunerated leave time (paid only in cases of serious disabilities) without any limits for being taken, in the case of a child’s illness within the age of 3;
  • 3 days a month, or 2 hours a day, of leave time for child or family care, paid in case of serious disability;
  • extraordinary leave time for 2 years in case of serious disability of a child or close relative.

The table below includes the number of employees that took family leave time for at least 29 days in 2011. This information processing started with reference to 2011; therefore, for this first year of data collection, information regarding the number of employees that resumed service (as requested by indicator LA15 of the GRI protocol) and that continued to remain in service after 12 months following their return is unavailable.

Nonetheless, a verification conducted on employees leaving in 2011 indicated that with no dismissals occurred, no one among the employees who resigned had taken family leave time in 2010.

Total 23
- woman 18
- men 5