Internal communication


Terna recognizes the essential role of internal communication in fostering the exchange of information, creating integration, promoting teamwork, and speeding up processes. Internal communication is divided into two areas. One comprises the instruments – the corporate intranet, the dissemination based on the waterfall method of team-briefing information, and the house organ Terna News;the other one special events and projects, such as the annual We:Me convention, meetings between the Top Management and Senior Executives, and the “CreativInTerna” Competition. The following are some of the initiatives carried out in 2011.

EN18Inauguration of the new office and “Zero Impact” Project in Milan 

As with the move to the new headoffice in Rome in 2009, the transfer of 140 people from the Company’s three offices in Lombardy to a single new one was accompanied by a carefully planned internal communication project.

Therefore, entrance into the new offices of Pero in February, in the area of the new Fiera di Milan, represented the point of arrival of a path that began over three months before with ad hoc communication, tools and a customized welcome program the first day of entrance.

The Milan office was chosen as a pioneer for a path defined together with LifeGate through which Terna decided to implement, following the opening of its new offices on the territory, offsetting measures deriving from its own participation in the Zero Impact Project. As of 2011, CO2 emissions generated by implementing new corporate communication tools were neutralized by creating new green areas located also at Terna’s offices. In Milan, the green project is located along the Alzaia (towpath) del Naviglio Grande, with the planting of 50 shrubs as part of the area’s redevelopment project. For its new headoffice in Rome, Terna had already identified the area of the Parco dell’Aniene facing the offices as part of its participation in the Zero Impact Project. 

Fourth edition of the “CreativInTerna” internal photography and drawing competition

The 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy has provided an opportunity for creating images that represent our capability of transmitting ideas and values through the generations. With the theme “Italian stories: 150 years of energy”, our artists took photographs of situations and people that resonated with pride to be passed on as precious experiences. As for the past editions, CreativInTerna 2011 was also linked to a social partnership identified in the project “Pianeta Nuovo” of the Fondazione Albero della Vita Onlus. The project is implemented in Italian elementary, middle and high schools to promote the integration of foreign students. An example of transmitting the value of integration and acceptance starting from the young generations.

Consisting of Terna’s Chairman, Luigi Roth, and personalities of the world of photography and art, the jury chose the winners, whose works were used for corporate materials (the 2012 calendar) and reproduced in prestigious publications. Moreover, the drawings of the winners were used for making an original bookmark in the three colors of the Italian flag distributed together with the Calendar and the 2012 Organizer.

In four editions, CreativInTerna totaled over 1,200 works including photographs and drawings creating a large virtual gallery of the creativity of our people. 

Terna’s employees are the protagonists of an artwork

The employees had the unrepeatable opportunity of being the main players of an artwork unique in its kind. Upon Professor Alberto Garutti’s proposal, winner of the second edition of the Terna Prize for Contemporary Art for the famous artists category, 50 employees participated with their physical presence in a special installation dedicated to the world of electricity.

Garutti, former professor at the Accademia di Brera, participated in the research project “Beyond Entropy: when Energy becomes form”, promoted by the London School of Architecture, whose objective was to explore from an artistic and scientific point of view the world of energy: architects, scientists and artists were invited to collaborate in creating installations regarding different forms of energy.

Garutti’s group worked on electricity: during the research phase he was assisted by the colleagues from the company’s technical departments for better understanding the “energy’s journey”. The implementation phase included the presence of 50 colleagues, photographed in different groups within the venue of the Triennale di Milano that in June hosted the exhibit dedicated to all the project’s works. The 10 photographs taken formed a wall installation accompanied by a cube made out of large sheets containing the phrase “The persons portrayed are some of the many whose work allows electricity to illuminate the spaces of the Triennale. Together, with their qualities and different backgrounds, they stand to witness the vast and complex system that allows turning on the light in this room. This work is dedicated to each one of them”. A unique tribute to the art of energy transmission through our people.


We transmit energy also trough sports

Andalo (TN) group photograph of the SciinTerna skiers

Sports have always been connected with energy, perseverance, determination and team-building. For this reason Terna, whose mission is energy transmission, has chosen sports as a channel for promoting identity, integration and team spirit. Based on the project that began with the Terna Running Team, a team of amateur runners was formed four years ago, that brings its energy to non-competitive marathons for social purposes and that continues to grow in numbers, the company has promoted new opportunities for “transmitting energy” through sports.

For the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, BiciInTerna was created, a four day bicycle tour from the Adriatic coast to the Tyrrhenian one along the electricity lines, that connect energy across Italy. A team formed by 20 colleagues, wearing Terna’s colors and followed by a support team also formed by employees, reached historical sites as well as those linked to its electrification in our country last June. The event was followed step by step on the company Intranet and the local press published articles covering the bicycle tour. Their journey was also covered by a broad photographic reporting in the company’s house organ “Terna News”.

The BiciInTerna initiative ideally continued in 2012 with a new sports initiative this time dedicated to skiing and named SciInTerna. 60 colleagues competed in March in Andalo (Trento), in an exciting giant slalom ski competition. The event was a success for participation and team spirit for a new initiative created once again from a collaboration between head office and territory. A programmed choice that aims at joining people also during the planning phase by promoting the participation of colleagues with different professional backgrounds that share common grounds in Terna’s mission “Transmitting energy” in all we do.