EUSS performance indicators

Code Indicator Limitations and notes
EU1 Installed capacity, broken down by primary energy source and by regulatory regime.  
EU2 Net energy output broken down by primary energy source and by regulatory regime.  
EU3 Number of residential, industrial and commercial customer accounts.  
EU4 Length of above and underground transmission and distribution lines by regulatory regime.  
EU5 Allocation of CO2 emissions allowances broken down by carbon trading framework. Not applicable.
  Terna is not subject to emissions reduction obligations or emissions trading schemes.  
EU6 Management approach to ensure short and long-term electricity availability and reliability.  
EU7 Demand-side management programs including residential, commercial, institutional and industrial programs. Not applicable.
  Demand-side management programs are not part of Terna’s regulatory framework.  
EU8 Research and development activity aimed at providing reliable and convenient electricity and promoting sustainable development.  
EU9 Provisions for decommissioning of nuclear power sites. Not applicable.
  Terna neither possesses nor manages nuclear power plants and does not operate in the decommissioning field.  
EU10 Planned capacity against projected electricity demand over the long term, broken down by energy source and regulatory regime. Not applicable.
  Terna’s responsibility in terms of electricity demand is limited to the management of the electricity system, with no implications for energy generation. See “Terna’s Profile”, in particular the “Processes and organization” paragraph, and the “Responsibility for the Electricity Service” section, in particular “Our approach” and “The security of the electricity system” paragraphs.   
EU11 Average generation efficiency of thermal plants by energy source and by regulatory regime. Not applicable.
  Terna neither possesses nor manages thermoelectric power plants.  
EU12 Transmission and distribution efficiency (grid losses) as a percentage of total energy.  
EU13 Biodiversity of offset habitats compared to the biodiversity of the affected areas.  
EU14 Programs and processes to ensure the availability of a skilled workforce.  
EU15 Percentage of employees eligible to retire in the next 5 and 10 years broken down by job category and by region.  
EU16 Policies and requirements regarding health and safety of employees and employees of contractors and subcontractors.  
EU17 Days worked by contractor and subcontractor employees involved in construction, operation & maintenance activities.  
EU18 Percentage of contractor and subcontractor employees that have undergone relevant health and safety training.  
EU19 Stakeholder participation in the decision making process related to energy planning and infrastructure development.  
EU20 Approach to managing the impacts of displacement.  
EU21 Contingency planning measures, disaster/ emergency management plan and training programs, and recovery/restoration plans.  
EU22 Number of people physically or economically displaced, broken down by type of project, generation plants or transmission lines.  
EU23 Programs, including those in partnership with government, to improve or maintain access to electricity service.  
EU24 Practices to address language, cultural, low literacy and disability related barriers to accessing and safely using electricity and customer support services. Not applicable.
  The service provided by Terna does not include the activities mentioned in this indicator.  
EU25 Number of injuries and fatalities to the public involving company assets, including legal judgments, settlements and pending legal cases of diseases.  
EU26 Percentage of population not served in licensed distribution or service areas, broken down by rural and urban population. Not applicable
  Terna does not have relations with final customers of the electrical service.  
EU27 Number of residential disconnections for non-payment, broken down by duration of Disconnection. Not applicable.
  Terna does not have relations with final customers of the electrical service.  
EU28 Power outage frequency (SAIFI)  
EU29 Average power outage duration (SAIDI).  
EU30 Average generation plant availability by energy source and by regulatory regime. Terna neither possesses nor manages power plants with significant installed power Not applicable.