G3.1 Profile

The GRI Content Index is a table of the contents of this Sustainability Report, which enables readers to find indicators quickly and use them to check the Company’s performance and compare it with those of other companies that use the same reporting standard.

Each performance indicator has a code regarding the area concerned and the pages of the document where it is found.

1. Strategy and Analysis    
  1.01 Letter to our Stakeholders
  1.02 Terna's concerns;Sustainability results and objectives
2. Organizational Profile    
  2.01 The Terna Group
  2.02 The Terna Group;Other economic effects
  2.03 The Terna Group
  2.04 The Terna Group
  2.05 The Terna Group
  2.06 Ownership Structure
  2.07 The Terna Group
  2.08 The Terna Group
  2.09 The Terna Group;Ownership Structure;Development Abroad
  2.10 Awards
3. Report Parameters    
  Report profile  
  3.01 The 2011 Report
  3.02 The 2011 Report
  3.03 The 2011 Report
  3.04 The 2011 Report
  Report scope and boundary  
  3.05 The 2011 Report
  3.06 The 2011 Report
  3.07 The 2011 Report
  3.08 The 2011 Report
  3.09 The 2011 Report
  3.10 The 2011 Report
  3.11 The 2011 Report
  GRI Content Index  
  3.12 Perfomance indicators
  3.18 The 2011 Report
4. Governance, commitments and stakeholder engagement    
  4.01 Company organization;Composition;Internal Control System
  4.02 Delegated bodies and other Executive Directors
  4.03 Tables; Corporate Governance
  4.04 Investor Relations
  4.05 Committees within the Board
  4.06 Directors' interests and related party transactions
  4.07 Information on ownership structure
  4.08 Internal Control System
  4.09 Materiality;Balanced Scorecad and incentive systems
  4.10 Delegated bodies and other Executive Directors
  Commitment to external initiatives  
  4.11 Reducing the environmental impact
  4.12 Code of Ethics-Global Compact;Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility
  4.13 Relations with institutions
  Stakeholder engagement  
  4.14 Medium-term prospects
  4.15 Stakeholder engagement
  4.16 Stakeholder engagement-Media, opinion groups and the scientific community
  4.17 Controversies and litigation
5. Informative report on management approach    
  Economic Revenue structure and regulatory framework
  Environmental Our approach
  Appropriate labor practices and work conditions Changes in personnel composition
  Human rights Human rights
  Society Human rights
  Product The security of the electricity system