Terna is the largest independent transmission system operator (TSO) in Europe and sixth in the world in terms of kilometers of lines managed.

The Company’s headoffice is in Rome and it is the owner of the Italian National Transmission Grid (NTG), with 57,651 kilometers of high-voltage lines (63,626 km of three-phase conductors), 454 transforming stations and 22 lines interconnecting with foreign grids (as of December 31, 2011).

In Italy, Terna is the government-licensed transmission system operator, responsible for transmitting and dispatching electricity throughout the country on the high and extra-high voltage grid. Terna is also responsible for the planning, construction, and maintenance of the grid.

The Company’s name comes from the set of three conductors or groups of conductors – in Italian, a terna – used to transfer each of the three phases of the three-phase electric field in alternating-current grids.

The founding elements of Terna’s mission are:

  • managing electricity transmission in Italy guaranteeing safety, quality and cost-effectiveness over time
  • ensuring equal access conditions for all grid users;
  • developing market activities and new business opportunities with the expertise and technical knowhow acquired in managing complex systems;
  • creating value for shareholders with a strong commitment toward professional excellence and with responsible conduct towards the community, fully respecting the environment in which the company operates.