GRI Content

The Terna Group’s Sustainability Report 2011 was prepared according to the “Sustainability Reporting Guidelines & Electric Utilities Sector Supplement (EUSS)”, established in 2009 by the GRI – Global Reporting Initiative and according to the G3.1 Guidelines update of March 2011.

In order to make the Report easier to read, the information regarding GRI indicators is indicated by the related marker in the margin of the text next to the relevant paragraphs (the indicator marker is next to the title if the entire section is considered relevant).

GRI indicators are listed in the pages  “G3.1 Profile”, “G3.1 Performance Indicators” and “EUSS Performance Indicators”, which also show any limitations compared to the requirements of the Reporting Guidelines. The list also includes core indicators, necessary for applying the Guidelines at the A level, that do not apply to Terna.


Based on the information presented in the GRI Content Index, the application of the “Sustainability Reporting Guidelines & Electric Utility Sector Supplement” established in 2009 by the GRI - Global Reporting Initiative is considered to have achieved the A+ level.