Compliance with laws and regulations

EN28In the three-year period 2009-2011 there were no final administrative or judicial penalties, pecuniary or non-pecuniary, for non-compliance with laws or regulations regarding the environment.

 EN30Further information on environmental litigation is reported in the section dedicated to the indicator tables and the “Disputes and litigation” section.

EN23In 2011, as in 2009, no significant spills of polluting liquids were recorded. In 2010 a fire in a transformer in Calenzano (Florence province) caused oil to spill on the surrounding land. Following this event, 400 cubic meters of earth (from an area of 450 square meters) were promptly removed mechanically to avoid possible environmental damage.

In order to avoid the risk of potential spills, an assessment of the types of oil collection tanks installed at Terna’s plants was completed in 2011.

Following monitoring, a work group charged with providing Guidelines for the proper maintenance of the different types of oil collection tanks in use was formed.

In the 2010-2011 two-year period, with the support of accredited external bodies, Terna completed a survey on noise produced by its transforming stations. The criticalities uncovered have been dealt with and are in the process of being resolved (e.g. by replacing old equipment, by erecting anti-noise barriers) so that the level of noise can be brought within the limits allowable by law and by municipal regulations.

Finally, in 2011, Terna, together with ANIE (National Federation of Electricity Companies) started up a technical work group on environmental matters connected specifically to the construction, maintenance and demolition of power lines; the work group was established based on the need to compare and share experiences, problems and the relevant proposals for proper management of environmental safety at work sites. The comparison concerns, in particular, waste management and the analysis of reference regulations in order to allow the standardization of practices and the management of activities at work sites.