Energy efficiency and climate change

Terna’s business is the transmission of electricity and the Company does not carry out any production activities, which are among the most responsible for greenhouse-gas emissions in the electricity industry and businesses in general. For this reason, Terna is not subject to obligations to reduce emissions according to the Kyoto objectives, nor to emission trading schemes of any kind. Terna decided anyhow to being committed to limit its emissions on a voluntary basis.

In addition to monitoring and programs for containing its own direct and indirect emissions, illustrated in the following pages, some of the activities Terna undertakes account for significant reductions of CO2 emissions from the electricity system as a whole. In particular:

  • investments provided for in the Development Plan;
  • management improvement for the safe operation of the grid  and a reduction in the resources supplied to the dispatching services market, which result in fewer production requests given the same service;
  • the construction of photovoltaic plants completed in 2011.