Identificazione delle attività e dei principali fornitori in cui la libertà di associazione e contrattazione collettiva può essere esposta a rischi significativi e azioni intraprese in difesa di tali diritti.

Human rights

HR1The Terna Group operates in Italy, where the legal framework and the level of civil development amply guarantee respect for human rights, freedom of association, and collective bargaining, thus making it superfluous for the Company to dedicate HR3particular attention to these issues, with the implementation of special management policies. Throughout all of 2011, HR4Terna’s projects abroad (Balkan area and North Africa) did not imply any operational activities.

Industrial relations

The industrial relations between Terna and the labor unions that represent its employees take place at both the electricity industry level and the Company level.

Global Compact


HR5In becoming a member of the Global Compact (2009), the multistakeholder network of the United Nations, Terna further consolidated its commitment to complying with the Global Compact’s 10 principles on human rights, HR6labor, the environment and the prevention of corruption. HR7
These principles were already referred to in Terna’s Code of Ethics as a benchmark for the Company’s initiatives regarding sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

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