Approccio manageriale per assicurare disponibilità e affidabilità della fornitura di energia elettrica nel breve e nel lungo termine.

Plant maintenance


Plant maintenance is essential for ensuring service quality and continuity.

EU6To ensure that plants can be immediately identified, especially in the event of malfunctions, as well as reached as quickly as possible, Terna’s staff uses a handheld device integrated with a navigation system that shows all the plants superimposed on a geo-referred map.

The main activities performed in 2011 with regard to power stations and lines were the following:

The security of the electricity system


Ensuring the security of the Italian electricity system which is interconnected with the European grid is a sensitive task, which Terna performs through a series of actions based on a scrupulous assessment of operating risks.

The objective is to maintain the risk of service outage within pre-established limits and mitigate as much as possible the negative consequences of malfunctioningin the event this occurs.

Development Abroad

EU6With regard to its international development activities, Terna has focused its industrial development on the strategic areas located around the Mediterranean. In particular, development areas regard North Africa and the EU23Balkan countries with which the Italian government is implementing inter-governmental cooperation and development agreements in the electricity sector as well as for promoting renewables.

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