Impatti ambientali significativi del trasporto di prodotti e beni/materiali utilizzati per l’attività dell’organizzazione e per gli spostamenti del personale.

Initiatives to reduce own emissions

EN18With regard to the reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions, Terna concentrates on several voluntary programs concerning its main sources of such emissions:

Direct and indirect emissions of CO₂


EN16Greenhouse-gas emissions connected with Terna’s activities are caused by:

  • direct consumption of energy sources (gasoline and gas oil for vehicles, gas oil for generating sets and heating and methane for heating);
  • indirect consumption of energy sources (electricity consumption);
  • leaks of SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride), a greenhouse gas used in station equipment for its high insulating power;
  • leaks connected to R22 refrigerant gas, used in air conditioners.


Energy consumption


EN3The transmission of electricity requires the direct consumption of energy only for a few activities that support the service:

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