Iniziative per ridurre l’emissione di gas a effetto serra e risultati raggiunti.

Initiatives to reduce own emissions

EN18With regard to the reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions, Terna concentrates on several voluntary programs concerning its main sources of such emissions:

Internal communication


Terna recognizes the essential role of internal communication in fostering the exchange of information, creating integration, promoting teamwork, and speeding up processes. Internal communication is divided into two areas. One comprises the instruments – the corporate intranet, the dissemination based on the waterfall method of team-briefing information, and the house organ Terna News;the other one special events and projects, such as the annual We:Me convention, meetings between the Top Management and Senior Executives, and the “CreativInTerna” Competition.

The qualification process and the monitoring of suppliers


The qualification process enables Terna to assess suppliers with regard to their compliance with the law, their technical, organizational, and economic solidity, and their respect for the ethical, social, and environmental requirements of Terna’s policy as expressed in the Company’s Code of Ethics.

Among other things, the qualification requirements include:

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