Strategie, azioni attuate, piani futuri per gestire gli impatti sulla biodiversità.

Lines and birdlife


EN14Lines have potentially negative effects on birdlife. While the risk of electrocution characterizes low- and medium-voltage lines, Terna’s high-voltage lines can be dangerous particularly for the risk of collision. This is why on stretches of line characterized by the frequent presence of birds in transit, the Company has installed special devices called “dissuaders”, which, with their encumbrance and the noise made when they are blown by the wind, make the lines easier to perceive by the birds in flight.

  2011 2010 2009
No. of lines concerned 40 37 30
No. of lines concerned 171 159 146
Total No. of dissuaders 9,116 8,917 8,845

Management of impacts on biodiversity

Terna manages its impacts on biodiversity with a series of integrated instruments that consider such impacts right from the planning stage and, whenever necessary, the adoption of appropriate mitigation and compensation measures.

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