Descrizione dei maggiori impatti di attività, prodotti e servizi sulla biodiversità di aree protette o aree ad elevata biodiversità esterne alle aree protette.



EN26Terna’s plants are disseminated throughout Italy in a grid that extends for nearly 57,000 kilometers. The grid’s relation with the surrounding natural environment and its impact on biodiversity take on different characteristics during the construction of new lines and the operation of existing ones. During the construction stage, the impact on biodiversity is connected with the activities on the work site: the opening of passageways in order to build the towers, excavation of the earth, and the removal of left-over materials.

Plant maintenance


Plant maintenance is essential for ensuring service quality and continuity.

EU6To ensure that plants can be immediately identified, especially in the event of malfunctions, as well as reached as quickly as possible, Terna’s staff uses a handheld device integrated with a navigation system that shows all the plants superimposed on a geo-referred map.

The main activities performed in 2011 with regard to power stations and lines were the following:

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