Finanziamenti significativi ricevuti dalla Pubblica Amministrazione.

Other economic effects


EC9Terna’s economic impact does not end with the creation and distribution of value added. One must also consider, first of all, the economic repercussions of the electricity service: Terna ensures over time a service of general interest and thus contributes to Italy’s economic growth.

Ownership Structure


Terna S.p.A. has been listed in the Italian Stock Exchange since June 2004.

Terna S.p.A.’s share capital is equal to 442,198,240 euro and consists in 2,009,992,000 ordinary shares with a par value of 0.22 euro each (March 29, 2012).

On the basis of accounting records and of other information collected as of the abovementioned date, Terna S.p.A.’s shareholders are divided as follows:

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