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  • Terna’s Commitment in the UN Global Compact
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  • Line Inspection by Helicopter: the LIDAR project
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  • Sustainability in criteria for awarding tenders
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  • Studies on electricity lines and bats
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  • The LBG model for strategically managing corporate giving
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Live-line working

Terna’s people have distinctive, rare and unique technical expertise in the electricity sector.

In 2011 they performed approximately 3,300 live-line works.

Chignolo Po-Maleo (PV-LO), 24 km of electricity line with 88 single pole pylons

with a base diameter that ranges from 1.5 to 4 meters, these new supports have a ground encumbrance approximately 15 times lower compared to the truncated pyramid pylons with obvious advantages in terms of reduced visual impact.

Terna’s sustainability approach

Terna carries out its role as electricity transmission operator, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, with a sustainable approach that joins business management with responsibility towards stakeholders.

Installing a dissuader for birds in flight

along 171 km of 40 lines characterized by the frequent transit of birds, terna installed over 9,000 special “dissuaders” which, with their encumbrance and the noise made when they are blown by the wind, make the lines easier to perceive by the birds in flight.

Terna’s commitment towards stakeholders

The awareness of having a social responsibility towards the community is an integral part of the cultural knowledge of Terna’s people and is demonstrated through a strong commitment to work fully respecting the environment, in harmony with the local communities and the authorities.